Gary Lofstrom, Technical Writer

I readily take on assignments that require me to become an expert on complex and sometimes obscure topics. This unique zest for unusual assignments has led to projects covering telecommunications, plant biology, complex financial issues and numerous other topics.


Sprint PCS desired a document that could serve dual purposes. First, it had to communicate technical information on the company’s Wireless Web products, and second, it had to serve as a training tool for new sales personnel. I successfully created the copy by working with a team of engineers and product managers.

Burton Group

Burton Group provides integrated consulting, advisory, and research services to support technologists who are responsible for decisions and plans related to network technologies. I edited select portions of their website content.

Navigator Network Solutions

Navigator delivers intelligent, converged network solutions. They have expertise in network design, development, deployment and integration of emerging technologies. I helped Navigator fashion new corporate collateral, including the logo, print materials and website content.