Strategic Marketing Services

Marketing strategy and business planning
Effective strategic planning requires the organization to thoroughly understand itself and the industry environment; to be very specific about its objectives; and to implement incisive business strategies. My initial planning experience occurred within a division of a $5 billion organization. I witnessed the successful turnaround of this division and firmly believe strategic planning can benefit organizations of all sizes.

Market research
Information is the key input of strategizing and business planning. My initial entry to the marketing profession involved helping a Fortune 500 industrial organization undertake primary research of its dealer network and end users. The information uncovered revealed how the company had lost touch with its dealers and end customers; which spurred the company to overhaul its business model, processes and communications.

I have created and implemented primary research studies for large organizations. I am also adept at finding less costly, secondary research, or information, to help organizations better know their competitors, buyer needs and business trends. I can help your organization discover its market position and create a plan that capitalizes on your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.