Should you include photos of key people on your website?

A good head shot photo is a must for your website. Make sure you’re not having a bad hair day!

This headline is a question posed frequently by clients when I ask them for their most recent, high quality head shot, or ask them to get a head shot photo taken for their website. I generally support the idea of a photo to go with a bio. However, I think there are times when certain people prefer to omit their photo for security and/or privacy reasons. I know there’s not much in the way of privacy once you do much of anything on the Internet, but if a person has such a concern, then it should be respected. As for revealing one’s age, gender, etc., the bio even without a photo will reveal quite of bit of information (if it’s at all informative). Final thought, I don’t stay long on a website if it the people behind it are a mystery! What are they hiding?

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