Jive Talkin’ at Cerner Corporation

Social Business Collaboration Tools Leveraged by Cerner Corporation

Lance Yoder shares how Cerner corporation uses social intranet software to improve internal communications

A large number of communications professionals and other business managers wanted to learn more about the social intranet today by hearing how industry giant, Cerner Corporation, introduced the Jive platform to its 10,000+ employees and numerous clients, business partners, invited guests-researchers and industry experts. The presentation was titled, “Using Social Business Tools to Improve Internal Communications” and was presented by International Association of Business Communicators colleague, and Cerner Program Manager, Lance Yoder.

As a past employee of large organizations, I find this rather fascinating. How can these multinational companies improve internal communications? How can they improve communications with customers, vendors, industry experts, etc.? Based on how curious people from organizations without sophisticated social intranets, Cerner must be on to something.

For me, a one person communications consultant, I want to to know how these tools might affect smaller businesses, which are important clients to me. Can small businesses use them now, or is it, for now, a tool for larger companies with deeper pockets and the personnel to operate the tools.

Attendees listening image

Communications professionals listened attentively and had many questions for Cerner Corporation’s personnel in regard to its social intranet collaboration software

If I can learn about such trends as they occur, hopefully I will be a more valued consultant to small business enterprise.

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