Enhanced LinkedIn Company Pages Can Build Your B2B Brand

EnhanLinkedIn logoced LinkedIn company pages, introduced several weeks ago, intrigue me. I must admit that I barely had a LinkedIn company page before this past year or so, and I kind of wondered if it was worth the bother. Aren’t we mostly looking for people, not companies?

Then it donned on me that I have been finding old friends and work associates by searching LinkedIn via the company or organization name. And in marketing your business, even a small one, isn’t it important to share some of the magnificence of your company on the “world’s largest professional network” for businesses? Of course, you’ve no doubt said, “Yes,” to yourself, and now want to know how you can build your company’s brand on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn company pages are the most underutilized tool within the social media outpost.

If You’re a LinkedIn Company Page Newbie

If you don’t have a company page or you have one without the newer LinkedIn company page features, then you must first build out your company profile. It’s really not very difficult, but it does take some time and effort.

Start with the LinkedIn Banner

Hopefully you know a bit about selecting and sizing images or graphic elements, or you have someone to help you with the banner image. The LinkedIn banner area is quite wide and the image should reflect your company in the best possible manner. It can be as simple as your company logo (that’s what I did initially), images of people or places, or even a clever graphic design. FYI, your banner must be 646 x 220 pixels in size in order to fit the LinkedIn banner field.

Build out your LinkedIn profile and services

Click on “Edit Page,” and fill in details on your company’s size, its web address, or URL, company description, company locations and other details. Designate yourself (and/or others) as a LinkedIn company pages administrators, so you and they can add company updates. Include key services and descriptions of services and products on your company profile. The “overview” tab displays a summary of your company and includes your most recent “shared” post, and lists all employees that are linked. Next you can fill out the individual services and products section. The first product or service listed in the products and services section of the LinkedIn Company Page will be displayed first, so lead with your strongest offering. It’s perfectly acceptable to use content, or copy, from your website, especially if it is accurate and well written.

Company Updates are an Effective Way to Reach Your Constituencies

LinkedIn has made update streams more relevant for participants. Companies are more able to share status updates, career opportunities and more with interested LinkedIn members.  Share your company news, upcoming events, job promotions, pertinent industry articles or posts, YouTube videos and more.

If you used the blog linking tool like me, beware it’s been removed, so company posts, individually entered and shared, are the way to stay “front and center” with fellow members and followers. Moreover, targeted updates allow you to segment company followers and share specific updates with specific segments.

Involve Employees in LinkedIn

When employees are LinkedIn members they can add or edit a position on their profile, and specify your company as the current employer. They must choose the correct company and LinkedIn will then list them on your company landing page with other current employees. Your company page on LinkedIn is directly impacted by your employees and how they behave on LinkedIn. It’s crucial to advise employees on how to make the most out of LinkedIn in order to further leverage your LinkedIn presence. In fact, it’s so important that it could (and will) be a blog topic of its own.

LinkedIn Careers Page

LinkedIn’s “Company Pages” includes a Careers tab, where jobs you post via “LinkedIn Jobs” will be displayed. Up to five jobs can featured (displayed) on your Career Page home screen. A fee is charged for your LinkedIn job listings, but it is competitively priced and has a powerful reach. Whether or not you pay for a job listing, be sure your company profile includes information about the culture and types of work performed at your company.


Many organizations are under-utilizing LinkedIn, especially company pages. It’s not too late to get in the game. The updated company profile pages make it easy to access the information you and your LinkedIn links want, and a more powerful way for businesses to nurture relationships with customers and targeted prospects. Does any of this sound a bit daunting? Want some help? Please contact me by phone (816-942-8887) or email today!

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