Print media complements landscaper’s online presence


Is print media dead? Of course not! It has unfortunately – in some people’s minds – become the red-headed, step-child to the sexiness of online marketing.

Spring newsletter

Beaver Creative News

This landscaping firm is reaching out to audiences that appreciate the capabilities of a licensed landscape architect. Are they older, more affluent and read print publications? Likely so. Do they Google topics they want more information about? Probably so.

This target audience undoubtedly grew up reading print newspapers and magazines. However, like so many Americans, they’ve become accustomed to the wonders of Google searches. The newsletters include short features on timely topics, like spring plants and shrubs, and include tantalizing photographs that appeal to those who appreciate beautiful gardens and landscapes. Most notably, the print newsletters complement the landscaper’s website.

Online marketing can, and often should, complement traditional marketing techniques. Since there has been a decline in print marketing, such as newsletters, there is less to compete with in the mailbox. Of course, I strongly believe the print piece should be a quality piece, professionally designed and in color. Otherwise, it won’t stand out and get the recipient to take a look.

Good writing is important, too, so be sure to include the services of a talented content writer. Please do consider my content writing capabilities if you’re thinking about getting some help.


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