How do you price your services?
Pricing is usually determined by applying an hourly rate and determining the level of service required in order to determine a range for the fee. I have found that most clients, as do I, prefer to have a tight cost estimate, as opposed to an open hourly rate. For writing projects, my standard fee includes 1-2 revisions to meet the client’s needs, provided they are not required due to a change in the scope or nature of the assignment. Where travel is required to complete an assignment, travel expenses are billed separately. In some cases, a per diem fee can be arranged.

Do you work with clients outside your immediate area?

Yes, I work with clients throughout North America. Phones, the Internet and fax lines have made working from afar quite simple. One of my clients had me produce newsletter copy by interacting with up to 10 people located in cities like Denver, Madison, Baltimore, Amarillo and Chicago. I did not immediately meet any of the people in person. Of course, I am happy to travel to your location in order to serve your needs, too.

Do you work on-site?
Yes, I have accepted contract, or on-site work arrangements. The arrangement can be very helpful to getting a client’s communications initiatives accomplished. I only ask that the arrangement allow me to maintain a balance between the on-site client and others that depend on me as well.

How do we get started?
Just send me an email or call me at 1-816-942-8887 if in North America (00 + 1-816-942-8887 if outside the USA). We can begin exchanging information immediately.

What are your payment terms?
I require a 50% deposit from new clients and/or for large projects. The balance of the invoice is payable within 15 calendar days after completion of the project. Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal.
When we discuss your assignment, I will email you my standard cost estimate with terms and conditions, which is intended to protect us both and prevent any misunderstandings.

Do you write articles in bulk?
I do not write articles in bulk for low-ball prices. Please contact me if you are interested in thoughtfully-researched, well-written, articles created by a professional content copywriter.