Hard-working and selfless content marketers need not fear Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird in flight

Diligent content writers work as hard as the hummingbird to create useful and interesting content for Google searchers

The good people at Copyblogger recently compared online marketers’ relationships with Google to playing Russian roulette. The new Google algorithm, Hummingbird, has further revealed our obsession about the mechanics of Google search. Content- and SEO-driven people can be lazy and selfish by trying so hard to outguess and game the system. Why not just write great content? How do you write great content and bring searchers to your website, you ask? Well, Copyblogger, of course, has a checklist for that and here it is.

Copyblogger’s Checklist for building topical authority around a page and a website

  • Create high-quality, useful content (including in-depth articles) to deliver meaningful value to your audience, which you can measure by how much time a visitor spends on your pages and site and what they share across the social web.
  • Create a website that provides top-notch online experience in terms of design, speed, and navigation.
  • Create a sterling, exciting reputation that people talk about in the press, on blogs, and on the social web.
  • Create thoughtful, original content that attracts and holds attention and encourages people to share across the social web.
  • Engage with your audience through comments, guest posting, and social web interaction.
  • Establish and protect a credible, transparent, and likeable identity that proves you are an authority.
  • Connect all of your online content through authorship markup.
  • Set and guide the online conversation with challenging, consistent content.

Source: “Are You Still Playing Russian Roulette with Google?” by Demian Farnworth, Senior Copywriter for Copyblogger Media.

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