Content Writing: 500-Word Content Posts for as Low as $325

Yes, really, you can hire me, an experienced content writer, to write your news or blog posts of 500 words or less for a little as $325 per post. The offer is for clients willing to commit to a six-month (up to one year maximum)

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Need help with your online content?

agreement where we add 2 posts per month. I will take the topics you provide, get your viewpoint on the respective topics, research and write the post. One edit is included after the first draft is presented.

Unless you prefer otherwise, I will insert the post into your content management system’s posting system and do basic SEO tweaking, such as completing the title, post summary and keyword fields. Provided images can be added a small additional cost.

Who can benefit from this special offer for content writing services?

Blogging or posting news items on a regular basis is vital to succeeding in the online, or inbound, marketing game. Organizations that can benefit by retaining Lofstrom + Company services, includes:

  • Organizations already committed to inbound marketing that seek external, professional writing services,
  • Organizations that are not yet fully engaged in online marketing, but want to put together a quality inbound marketing effort,
  • Organizations that know they should have an online marketing initiative and want some help with startup and content writing.

Additional online marketing services available

Depending on your present level on online marketing sophistication, you may benefit from additional online marketing services. Although excluded from the special copywriting offer, they can be packaged and priced if you so desire. Such services might include:

  • Editorial planning. I can help you create an editorial plan and create a calendar with planned post topics and “send dates.”
  • Keywords. Keyword tools can help online marketers find specific words and phrases that are most relevant to your searchers and search engines. I can help you create relevant list of SEO-friendly keywords for your organization.
  • Image Sourcing. Images are great for posts, but they’re not always easy to source. I can help you acquire low-cost, royalty-free, stock photos, manipulate the images in Photoshop (if needed) and place photos within your posts.
  • Social media outposts. It’s important to use your social media outposts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to share new content on your website. I can insert snippets of copy and images so your social media community will be alerted to your website’s new posts.
  • Analytics. Digital marketing has given us loads of data, but what does it all mean? I can help you turn your Google Analytics data into actionable information.

Let’s get started!

Does this sound like a good deal to you? I think it’s an incredible offer to have your blog and news posts written by a skilled and experienced content writer. Please don’t hesitate, contact me, and we’ll get started .

PS: Do you want to see samples? Contact me and I will email you a few samples. Let me know the type of topics you’re most interested.

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